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Security Solutions


Leading Industry complimentary Security Solutions to enable secure
business operations and productivity

Primosec Security Solutions are, without exception, recognised as setting the standards by which the security industry measures its capabilities and defines itself. 

Next Generation Firewalls


Network security and data protection from an integrated next generation CheckPoint firewall platform.


Adaptable to address infrastructure changes and dynamic networks to improve operational efficiency and reduce risk.


End-to-end extensible Security throughout the organisation including for virtualized environments as well as public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Zero-Day protection with specialized Software Blades network with multi-layered defences to protect your organisation against cyberattacks.




Protect all forms of electronic information, shared both internally and externally with Egress.


Secure and control sensitive information sent to third parties by email with policy-based gateway and desktop encryption that may contain confidential information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers or patient information.


Secure Workspace on a single platform with central management to extended information sharing and collaboration for secure and productive operations.


Secure Web Forms provide an effective mechanism for sharing sensitive information and large file attachments between external businesses and individuals.


Secure File Transfer with policy-based file classification provides for the exchange of data whilst maintaining high levels of information assurance.


Systems Management


Identifying vulnerabilities that result from unpatched applications or operating systems with automatic patch and update distribution.


Automatically discover hardware and software assets to provide an inventory about devices and control software use.


Image creation with automatic Wake-on-LAN distribution.

Mobile Security


CheckPoint Capsule protects sensitive data on laptops, smartphones and tablets providing a secure environment for business documents wherever they may be.


Kaspersky Lab's Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management protects smartphones and tablets and the business systems they access from malware. BYOD and Corporate-issued devices are protected against unauthorized access if lost or stolen.


Internet Security


Comprehensive Security for the network with Kaspersky Labs.


Signature-based, heuristic, behavioural and cloud-assisted technologies delivers multi-layer defences against Malware threats to Windows, Mac & Linux workstations and Windows & Linux file servers.


Application Control with Dynamic Whitelisting checks applications for security risks and blocks unknown applications from running.


Device Control that can be aligned with Active Directory determines which devices are allowed to access your network.


Full Disk Encryption on the physical sectors of the disk and File-Level Encryption ensures data security on devices.


Removable media encryption protects data on removable devices.



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