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Cloud Services


Complimentary Cloud Services provided via an aggregated platform delivering flexibility and security with all the benefits of a hosted infrastructure

Primosec deliver Industry-leading vendor offerings with service and billing flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.


Whether you already have established security solutions but want to migrate these for the benefits of cloud-provided solutions or have expanding needs and the business requires flexibility with its infrastructure without the burden of a long-term commitment and expenditure Primosec's Cloud Services can deliver this.


Services provided include:


Secure Content


  • Real-time Web Security

  • Enforce acceptable usage policies 

  • Email protection eliminating incoming and outgoing message threats including viruses, phishing scams, botnets and data theft

  • Email productivity with spam filters

  • Enforce policies globally and protect employees regardless of their location or device

  • Extensive reporting


SaaS offerings include BlueCoat, McAfee, Symantec, MessageLabs, 

Trend Micro and Websense


Strong Authentication


  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • Single Sign-On

  • Access Control

  • User Management

  • Full Auditing


SaaS offerings include Symplified and Vasco




  • Secure online backup

  • System Recovery

  • Automated systems


IaaS offerings include Symantec and Mozy


Storage on Demand


  • Integrated with traditional applications

  • Storage and archive of structured or unstructured content

  • Private, public, or hybrid cloud storage environment


IaaS offerings include Colt, EMC2, Interoute and NetApp

Business Applications


  • Web Content Optimization

  • Application Delivery Control

  • Speed up public websites, intranets, cloud apps, and Microsoft SharePoint deployments

  • Create, manage, and deliver key services more quickly

  • Inspect, prioritize and route application traffic 


IaaS offering from Riverbed


Servers on Demand


  • Increase speed and responsiveness in development and test environments

  • Redistribute resources between multiple environments


IaaS offerings include IBM, Interoute, NTT and OpSource


Virtual Servers on Demand


  • Extra Capacity for peak demand

  • Extend the benefits of an existing virtualized infrastructure 


IaaS offering from VMware



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