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Cloud Services


Award-winning cloud aggregation and management platform simplifying the complexity of providing cloud services so that you can focus on your business 

Accelerate your digital transformation with extensive functionality and analytics to differentiate your business.

Access to a powerful, consolidated dashboard allows you to monitor and analyse your entire business at a glance and determine where the next development will occur.

View key performance indicators including trends and drill down for extensive detail


Integrated DevOps


Integrated DevOps tools allow you to rapidly deploy a full data centre.

Import, view, and edit your templates.

Deploy and manage your stacks across multiple resource groups and multiple subscriptions.

Choose from existing libraries and customise them, or bring your own third party solutions.

Seamless API Integration


We provide open APIs to cover every major front and back office feature.


If you already have established systems and workflows, you can use our API toolkit to access everything from our catalogue and provisioning tools, to our billing and consumption management features.

We have comprehensive API documentation online and our team is always available to offer technical support.

Providers we work with include AWS, VMWare, Microsoft, Citrix, IBM 





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