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Security Services


Ensuring that your business operations are secure and that sensitive
Data remains secure inside and outside of the organisation

Primosec deliver services that assist you to ensure that business operations and information are secure. 


Managed Gateway Security


Managed Gateway Security Services with firewalls and VPNs to fit your operating environment and protect against network and application-level threats. Optional features ensure a comprehensive and robust security posture.


Available with monthly, quarterly or annual payment terms to enable budgeting and cost awareness.


Options include:

  • Intrusion Prevention Systems

  • Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Anti-malware and Anti-spam

  • Application Control

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Web Content Filtering

  • Traffic Shaping


Penetration Testing and Security Audits


Comprehensive penetration testing services and security audits with the option of CREST and CESG CHECK accredited technicians providing guidance and remediation advice.


Penetration testing and security audits are vital to ensure your controls effectively protect the organisation's data and assets.


  • Real-world assessment of security vulnerabilities

  • Target defined area of the organisation

  • Infrastructure and system testing

  • Realistic view of what a malicious user may be able to accomplish.

  • Vulnerability identification and exploit

  • Systems access and sensitive data retrieval


Security Assessment


Review the security of specific deployed products, applications

or the entire infrastructure. The assessment ensures that the correct systems are in place and secure whilst achieving operational efficiency.




8x5 or 24x7x365 Telephone Support with Service levels appropriate to your needs. Options include hands-on remote access, pre-emptive monitoring, configuration backups and expert assistance for when you require it.

Hosted encryption


Hosted and on-premises encryption services to secure all forms of electronic information with a single unified platform. 


  • Secure Email

  • Secure File transfer

  • Secure Web form

  • Secure Collaboration 


Share sensitive electronic information internally and externally with business partners and individuals whilst retaining control and enforcing security. Meet compliance and audit requirements with extensive reporting.




Technical expertise providing a valuable extension to your own team to help you capitalise on existing investment and to plan a security and resource strategy to support the business goals.


Consultancy Services we provide include


  • Existing systems review

  • Requirements analysis

  • Site survey and design

  • Implementation

  • Review technological advancements that could bring improved performance



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