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Security and Infrastructure Consultancy


A leading provider of Security Services, Solutions and Cloud Services 
designed to provide Secure and Flexible Operating Environments

Cloud Services


Simplifying the complexity of delivering cloud services with a solution that enables business transformation and flexibility.


Multi-cloud marketplace

Seamless deployment

Speedy implementation

Automated provisioning

Granular control of subscriptions and consumption

Billing integration across vendors

Security Services


Ensuring that business operations are secure and that sensitive data remains secure inside or outside of the organisation.


Managed Security Services

Security Operations

Penetration Testing

Security Assessment





Security Solutions


A bespoke combination of established security solutions to facilitate secure business operations and productivity.


Gateway Firewalls

Endpoint Controls

Secure Communications

Encrypted data

Secure Collaborative Working

Secure Mobility



About Primosec


We operate in an ever changing environment and the pace of change in the IT arena appears faster than ever but that provides opportunity and to embrace this requires flexibility and reliability alongside security. William Henry Davies wrote 'what is the life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare', valuable words but unfortunately the reality is there are those whose objective is to disrupt business and obtain commercially sensitive or personal information for their own gain. Primosec is an IT consultancy in its 15th year that aims to assist you in removing concerns about your operations and the security of your information. Open a dialogue with us about your requirements, issues and concerns and let our expertise assist you to have the confidence that you are operating as effectively as possible and maybe we can all take some time to admire what is around us.




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